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About Su-Kam Solar Panel

Su-Kam is one of the leading solar retail brands in India established in 1988. It is a top ranked solar panel company for residential purposes. Known for a strong product portfolio, Su-Kam offers solar panels, solar grid tied and off-grid inverters, solar charge controllers and solar power conditioning units. It brings latest technology solutions for businesses, homes, institutions and industries.

Su-Kam manufactures solar panels with best quality silicon cells. It offers outstanding performance during uncertain weather conditions. With presence across 90 countries globally, the company has filed over 100 patents for their product range. The Su-Kam solar panel price per watt is reasonable, considering the features and performance that the brand offers.

Su-Kam Solar Panel Price

Su-Kam is well- known for manufacturing affordable and best quality solar panels in India. The use A-grade cells to manufacture solar panels that are shock-resistant with thick iron glass technology. Su-kam Solar panel price is value for money as it offers 25 years’ onsite performance warranty for better efficiency and convenience of the customers.

Su-Kam Solar Panel Price List 2020

Price List of Su-Kam Solar Panel
Model/Watt Price (Rs.) Price/Watt
Sukam 335W Solar Panel Rs.10,385 Rs. 31
Sukam 325W Solar Panel Rs.10,075 Rs. 31
Sukam 270W Solar Panel Rs.8,370 Rs. 31
Sukam 200W Solar Panel Rs.6,200 Rs. 31
Sukam 200W Solar Panel Rs.7,000 Rs. 35
Sukam 160W Solar Panel Rs.5,600 Rs. 35
Sukam 100W Solar Panel Rs.3,800 Rs. 38
Sukam 75W Solar Panel Rs.3,000 Rs. 40
Sukam 60W Solar Panel Rs.2,700 Rs. 45
Sukam 40W Solar Panel Rs.1,800 Rs. 45
  • All prices are negotiable.
  • Above prices are for solar panel only.
  • Special discount for bulk quantity, dealer and re-seller.
  • Leading edge solar panel manufactured in India.
  • Panel reliability under extreme weather conditions.
  • Great peace of mind guaranteed by Tata power solar.


  • Su-kam solar panels are made of long lasting reliable solar cells.
  • Made with think iron glass to ensure shock resistance
  • Anodized aluminium frames
  • High grade solar cells are used to build solar panels for best performance in extreme weather conditions
  • Performance excellent in cutting down on solar wastage
  • Certified by IEC and TUV and qualifies for subsidy


  • Extensive network of team for best on-site performance warranty
  • Offers degradation rate of 0.75% per year which is comparatively lower than other brands
  • Manufactured with toughened glass to ensure longevity
  • Easier to maintain and clean
  • Installed with 100% accuracy for high performance
  • Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities backed by a strong R & D team to ensure higher energy efficiency
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Su-Kam Solar panel price in India depends upon the energy consumption needs, purpose and objective of the customer. Moreover, it is determined by the number of panels that are required to be installed, components and battery for backup. The Su-Kam solar panel price in India starts from Rs. 31 per watt for a 335W solar panel and goes up to Rs. 45 per watt for a 40W solar panel. Additionally, it is significant to consider the price of inverter, battery, charge controller and other components to determine the complete cost of Su-Kam Solar system.