Su-Kam Solar Inverter

About Su-Kam Solar Inverter

Su-Kam is recognised for retailing its strong portfolio of solar products in India. Its wide range of solar solutions includes solar grid tie inverters, charge controllers, solar panels and power conditioning units for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Su-Kam sells its products in over 70 countries globally and offers inverters which are best suitable for off-grid and hybrid solar systems.

Su-Kam has two broad category of inverters – normal solar inverter and hybrid inverter. Solar inverter (also known as Home UPS) is considered as India’s most popular inverter for homes. The other best- selling inverter by Su-Kam is Brainy Eco hybrid solar inverter which fulfils the requirements of a normal inverter as well as off-grid solar system. It has the capability to charge the batteries through grid and solar energy as well.

Su-Kam Solar Inverters Price

The pricing of Su-Kam solar inverters depends on the type of inverter required for the solar system. The price range starts from Rs. 22,000 for 1 kW solar inverter to Rs. 2,50,000 for 50 kW solar inverter. The price of an off-grid solar inverter starts from Rs. 6,500 for 1100VA to Rs. 85,000 for 10KVA Solar Inverter.

Tata Solar Panel Price List 2020

Price List of Su-Kam Solar Inverter
Inverter Model Volt (V) MRP Rs. Discount % Selling Price
Brainy Eco  UPS  750 VA 12V Rs.11,890 15% Rs.10,107
Brainy Eco  UPS  900 VA 12V Rs.13,990 15% Rs.11,892
Brainy Eco  UPS 1100 VA 12V Rs.14,990 15% Rs.12,742
Brainy Eco  UPS 1600 VA 24V Rs.16,990 15% Rs.14,442
  • All prices are negotiable.
  • Above prices are for solar inverter only.
  • Special discount for bulk quantity, dealer and re-seller.
  • Leading edge solar panel manufactured in India.
  • Panel reliability under extreme weather conditions.
  • Great peace of mind guaranteed by Su-Kam solar.
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